Horse Riding Drone Video
As a lover of horseback riding, I have ridden casually and competitively for over 7+ years. Here is some experimental drone footage video edit of a ride on Web. 
HeySL - American Sign Language Updated
In college I began learning American Sign Language which opened my eyes to a large issue in the deaf community: ASL visuals are outdated and unappealing to such an important group of people. In response, I gave ASL a re-design and created three ASL typefaces called HeySL. The three styles include HeySL Start, HeySL Squish, and HeySL Sup. This campaign was submitted to the National Student Showcase in 2019 and won overall Best Typography Design. 
Produce Results Sizzle Video + Website Update
My first design job was interning at a small agency called Produce Results in Denton, Texas. Part of my time there included working on many brands and also promotional work for PR. Some of my favorite work included making the Produce Results Sizzle reel, as well as re-designing their website.

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