Condom Club
I worked with the University of North Texas' health center to re-design and offer packaging solutions for their safer-sex kits. The "hand pie" package shape provides protection to the contents inside, as well as designing the exterior to be both informative and eye-catching were the goal. Emoji-style illustrations were used to display the information quickly and in a fun manner for college students to understand. 

Chief Xbox Officer Passes
Microsoft Rewards tasked us with coming up with an Xbox themed sweepstakes for five lucky winners. Each winner (and their guest) would be deemed as the Chief Xbox Officer and Trusted VP for their country. As part of the sweepstakes, the winners would get to go to Xbox's headquarters and were in need of custom identification while visiting. I designed the personalized badges for each of the winners and their guest that featured Chief Xbox Officer branding. The badges included custom foil accents and their own personal information. However, due to the pandemic launching at the beginning of the sweepstakes timeline, the event was suspended. 
Wedding stationery
One of the designs I love working on is helping make my friend's special days come to life. All designs below are works I created for friends and family getting married. Certain personal information is blurred for privacy reasons. 
Exhibition Catalog
This publication design was an exercise to create a catalog elevating the work of an artist of our choice. I chose the artist Nunzio Paci and took elements of his work to weave throughout the publication. Die cut silhouettes are used on the cover as well as elements from his paintings for the die cut backdrop and end-sheets.
Artwork: Nunzio Paci   |    Design: Self

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